Monday, January 26, 2009


I'm soo slooow! Ma3rf ishfeeni. It takes ages for me to rateb afkari.. and to actually sit and type without being distracted by my own self! For example: it took me more than 10 min to write this =)
God damn it.

Prince Charming: Part 1

It was so early in the morning, Misha3il was so tired to get out of bed. Eventually, she woke up, got dressed and left for work. The first thing she would do is, turn her computer on and face it for a little while, until her mind is ready to function.

Bored already, Misha3il looked at the time, it's only 9:25! She turned around to chat with Sara and Aisha. They were both Misha3il's colleagues, but Sara was her friend as well. Walking by, was a handsome man that grabbed the attention of the three girls!"9baa7 il 5air", was all he said with a charming smile. This happened Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Misha3il kept waiting for every morning to come.. So he could pass by and awaken the butterflies in her tummy.

“Al3aaaaaaaan i5taaaaaaaaah, Jameeeeeeeeeel!”, said Aisha..

“He’s not my type!” exclaimed swairah..

Misha3il just giggled..

Misha3il wanted Fahad to notice her, she kept passing by his cubicle, seeing him staring into his laptop or chatting with the guy next to him. "Ishd3waa am I that ugly? Laish ma la7a'9nii!!" Misha3il kept asking herself..

She called one of her best friends, Nayla.
Meesh: "Aya 3alaih Nayool Bamooooooooooooot 7adaa jameeeeeeeeeel mashalla 3alaih!"
Nayla: "Abaaaihh seriously?! Weddi Ashofaah! Inzaaain shgaa3da tnt'9rain.. yallaaaaa! 3algeeh!" Meesh:"Hehehhe yal maynona! What do you expect me to do? Mgdr asawey shay!"

They ended the conversation with funny jokes about the situation Misha3il is in.Misha3il is very close with her mom, she tells her everything! She loves the way her mother is understanding and is her bestfriend at the same time. Misha3il told her mom about prince charming, her mother was happy for her but she surely reminded her: "7asbay yumah.. terra ibooch is his boss’s boss’s boss!" Meesho nodded her head, but she never thought that this was going to be an issue and would come in her way.

After a few times of ‘9ba7 il 5air’ and passing by, Misha3il decided to tell Sara that she kinda has a crush on Fahad

Meesh: “Saroo thaabe7nii thii, wayed jameel! A7is kil shay feeh perfect!”

Sara: “Hehhehehehe! Inzaaaaain yallaaa work things out!”

Meesh: “Ma3arf 7bebtii.. I dunno what to do! He's always on my mind! I duno where this is going to take me..”

Sara: “Meesho inti it’7eseen inah he feels something for u b3ad?"

Meesho: “Laaaa! He doesn’t even look at me! As if I’m invisible.”

Sara: “Waaaaaaaaih! Ye7a9elaaah 3ad! But Misha3il.. inti think of his side shwaay.. ur his big boss’s daughter.. Y3ni his career, his future. Mayegdr yesawey shayyyyyyyy!”

Meesh: “Adri adri..”

Misha3il wanted him to be hers! She had to do something! She stole his number from work.. Not forgetting, the kachraa number she got to be an ‘anonymous sender’. She started by sending nice lovey msgs.. BUT no answer! “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa raaaaaaaaabi! Esh’hal broooooooooood!”

After the millionth msg from Misha3il.. His number FINALLY popped on her screen! Her heart was beating faster and faster but all she got was 7 letters... “Min m3ay?” Misha3il kept her phone close to her heart, closing her eyes, living the image of him texting her constantly, but she opens her eyes and saw herself stuck in her dooming reality… After a million words of romantic lullabies all she got was min m3aaaaaaaaaay?! The frustration rose to the peek and she knew that her plan of getting Fahad won’t be as easy as she thought it would. She replied with hints for him to know who she was.. “ Kil youm ashofik”, “Temanaitik o gelt fi 5a6eri laitah temananii.. ana mo kil wa7ed shafetah 3aini temanaitah!”, “I was with you in the elevator once”.

But he never took the tip-offs seriously and kept on insisting that she should tell him her name, directly with no hints or clues.

Meesh: M3ak bil sh’3il..

Fahad: Abiii isim.. no hints 5ala9.

Meesh: My name starts with an M o mafi a7d in ur floor ib7arf il M ila ana..

Fahad: Ok 5ala9 3eraftich. Feech shay? Tabeen mini shay?

Misha3il was on the verge of dying! "Ishfeeh?" that's the only thing that made a huge traffic jam in her mind. Is he committed to some lucky girl? 5a6eb? Im6awa3? Ishsalfetah?! Questions and questions piling up, for no one to answer.

"Please please please Fahad, La ta7rejni! Wallah this never happened to me, I've never had the guts to do any of this, until i saw u and pictured how your hands would perfectly fit into my mine." This was the only thing that kept repeating over and over in her head, with every heart beat.