Friday, February 13, 2009

Prince Charming: Part 2

Sorry about the VERY late post, omg part one was written in Jan!
Mdrii ishfeeni! A5af akteb =P There are too many good writers around *Mashalla*..
a7es I don’t fit in! Lol..
But I’ll continue inshalla..

Ps: For everyone I follow.. A7bkm amoot 3alaikm! I read ur updates every night gabel la anam.. o walla ur stories make my day!


Facts about *Fahad’s Looks or let’s say.. Fahad’s Jamal*

- Tall, white ;P, and handsome.

(Misha3il never thought she would be attracted to someone lighter than her, by many shades! He was white, white, ili men ilno3 eli their cheeks are pink naturally!)

- He has the most dazzling hazel eyes.

(Eli min na’9ra, Misha3il it7es ina galb’ha egool: "Teslam li hal na’9ra, what am I doing here? Abii ayey 3indek!")

- His nose is perfect, it makes him have a sharp look..

(Misha3il's thoughts rambling through her mind: “Ya labah hal shof, 7abetain 3ala 5ashmik”)

***getting so much into it aiyy?***

- He is fit, and his broad shoulders gives him his ‘haiba’

- His lips, oh the lips =P.. they look like 'the red heart candy' (A)

Nooooow, enough said about the looks.


Facts about *Fahad’s Personality & Background”

(All background information comes from Nayla, Misha3il’s best friend and who is also an FBI undercover agent, which can get information men ta7t il ar’9)

- He’s so em2adab, 3agel, tharb, you name it.

( E9abe7 kel youm, oo kalamah kelah e7teram)

- M6awa3/ Meltezem

( He goes to the prayer room awal ma e9eer wagt il 9alah, oo elmsba7 dayman fi eedah, o fil rm’9an Misha3il saw him reading Qur’an in his cubicle)

***Cute 9a7?***

- Maya36i wayh

(Ne9 "etha mb kel"' il banat mayteen 3alaih, wela ya36eehum wayh; Misha3il was included, at first)


Moving on to Background information:

- He is 23 yrs old
- Does NOT smoke
- Does NOT shayesh
- Does NOT have sewalef banat
- He has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting
- He has a master’s degree in Finance and Banking
- He has a good position at work
- He is born into a family of five members (Dad, Mom, Aisha 38 yrs old {married to a cousin and has kids}, Munira 33 yrs old {was engaged bs allah maketab}, and Fahad of course.
- Egooloon umah wayed mean o raf3a 5ashemha la2nha men 3yal Al---
(Mafeehum min il zod, bs l2anhum 3arab, Soo? ya5ee mb broo7kum! Yalla 9lw 3l nbi 3ad.)
- They are conservative
- Family oriented
- He doesn’t stay out late
- His hangout place is the dewaniya
- Too Misha3il’s utter dismay, she finds out that they only get married *min ba3ath*, y3ni cousins, 2nd cousins... or let’s say they have a circle min 3wayel m7adeda only. (yet again, the 3arab thing appears).. May9eer e7eboon y3ni? ***This info was said min Nayla, so Misha3il kept denying it unless she heard it from him***


Misha3il kept texting him and he obviously texted back since he had respect for her and for who she was. Although, he kept on asking her why were they doing this and this was wrong.
At first, Misha3il’s only thoughts were: “akeed he’s with someone! He’s perfect!" or " Laa miskeen m6awa3.. maya36ey a7d wayh!" and yet back again, " La La akeed e7eb lah wa7da."
Misha3il shook her thoughts away and said to herself: "Abi a good reason, then i'll stop texting. Whether he's in love or he's a m6awe3 or whatever. But, I want a reason."

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Grumpy Tag!"

I've been tagged by College Newbie =D

The rules are as followed:
1.Put a picture of any grumpy person.
2. Then Mention 3 things that are just abnormal.
a) When someone bargains in a designer boutique
b) Boyat- They freak me out o atedodah and i forget what i wanted to do/where i wanted to go when they appear.
c) How the *bad* girls (A) are getting engaged! Wel san3een oo 3gl ga3deen fil bait yan6eroon 3ilat il zeman eyey.

3.Two things that irritate you.
a) Having asked to many questions
b) Drivers and maids that never understand.
Example -> Me: Go straight and turn (since i didn't mention whether its right or left, i think its obvious that there's only one turn and the other side is a house or sumthing)
Driver: Right or Left?
Driver: Ana may2aref sheno yesawi.

4.One trigger to your anger.
a) If men say: "a7san mkan 7g il mara.. bait'ha" Bullshit. (Here I think that you can acctually see fume coming out of my ears)

5.Three people you can't live without.
a) My Baba
b) My Mama
c) Buns my best friend

6.Two people you don't want to see.
a) Banat kanaw m3ay fil madrisa.. IFTAKAIT MINKM yal i'3thath! (I speak for Buns as well!)
b) 3 guys i knew.. AKRAHKM U JUST MADE MY LIFE MISERABLE.. if i would go back in time.. i wouldnt mind repeating the whole 5 years just because i want to skip the part that involved them (I had 3 6oo6ing '9aris Um Loai =( ). Esfal.

7.One of your favorite foods.
a) Sushiiiiiiiii

8.Three of your favorite songs.
a) Naweyn terj3- Rashid ilmajed
b) '3adara- Rashid ilmajed
c) 7dik hna- 3bdulmajeed 3bdulla

Tag only 5 people

Lost b2amreeka
Um Loai
Love ;**

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Question # 1) Any ideas?

What shops and resturants would you really want to have in Kuwait?
Y3ni ihma fil 5arej oo ma3indna eyahum bil deera oo you would be so happy lo efet7ounhum 3ndna?

Any Ideas?!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What now?

I slept at 10 pm, kint wayed t3bana.. oo fazait min nomi fa i drank water oo i looked at the time in my phone, it was 3 something.

2 messages received

One was from my friend o the second one min zemb3 il lail (the one who kept letting me go of reasons i'll never understand)

My heart was beating faster, why was he asking if i was awake?

Shyaaaaaaaabi now? Plz la it3alegni again. moo wagtik. I just got over u and i assure u that it wasn't easy at all!

I didn't reply =) I'll wait for the morning, cinderella is playing hard ;P

Now i'll try to go back to sleeeeep o mafaker feeh!

Goodnitee Xoxo