Sunday, February 1, 2009

What now?

I slept at 10 pm, kint wayed t3bana.. oo fazait min nomi fa i drank water oo i looked at the time in my phone, it was 3 something.

2 messages received

One was from my friend o the second one min zemb3 il lail (the one who kept letting me go of reasons i'll never understand)

My heart was beating faster, why was he asking if i was awake?

Shyaaaaaaaabi now? Plz la it3alegni again. moo wagtik. I just got over u and i assure u that it wasn't easy at all!

I didn't reply =) I'll wait for the morning, cinderella is playing hard ;P

Now i'll try to go back to sleeeeep o mafaker feeh!

Goodnitee Xoxo


M said...

hehe zain tsaween.. 3ejbatny zimbi3 :*

Diablo said...


Cinderella said...

Heheheh =D